Wounded Chicken Foot Tips?


7 Years
Jul 4, 2014
We had a rat in our coop and I’m not sure if she got bit on the foot from the rat or if she got into a skirmish at bed time on the roost, her wound was healing and then today someone pecked it open and all heck broke loose so instead of using blu kote I set her up an emergency kennel in the garage, I’ve since washed the wound, used hydrogen peroxide,and put neosporin (the safe kind) on it, I found it difficult to wrap so I didn’t wrap it, she is still standing on it, just want to make sure I am doing it right, does anyone have tips for helping heal it, what about foods to help her heal better? Also I’m going to post pics to show if maybe someone could give me insight to what might have caused it? Thanks for any help everyone!
Poor baby, she’s still eating drinking laying eggs and walking fine by the way. No lethargy. Her names Milkshake btw.
Update: She uses the foot with light pressure but lifts it a lot, I just want to make sure it don’t develops into bumblefoot.

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