Wow--are chicks really so much meaner than ducklings?


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Jul 30, 2009
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I just hatched out four bantam chicks. One came about 12 hours before the others and had to be taken out of the bator early, so she was alone for about 24 hours. I just put the other three in with her, thinking she would be SO much happier with company. But all she's been doing since they went in with her is try to pull their legs & wings off. Ducklings never do that to each other! Will they be okay together eventually?
might need to seperate her until they can get on their feet better she might just have more getgo to her and she is setting the pecking order a little early
Thank you! They are actually doing better now. She still picks at them some, but they have been napping together and mostly getting along. I guess chickens are just more ... um ... zesty than ducks! These seem to be a bit friendlier toward people too, though--they watch my hand and try to get up on it whenever possible. My ducks never do that. So I suppose it all evens out.

I'll keep an eye on them, but I think they're going to work it out. I did take them out a little early--the latest one to hatch isn't quite steady on her feet yet, and none of them is as thoroughly fluffy as the first chick.

Thanks for the feedback, even in the middle of the night!
They start establishing their pecking order right away. Little buggers. If the one keeps pecking at the others, you can use a small section of screen or wire (hardware cloth or chicken wire) to section off one end of the brooder for her until the others gain more strength. Keep them in sight of each other, though, or you will have to re-integrate them later.

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