Wow I can't beleive what a lovely nature my growing geese are!


7 Years
Oct 20, 2015
New Zealand
I have some 2-3 month old goslings and I'm amazed. They're like no animal I've ever seen.

I'm stunned to observe there is no bullying between them.
Where all other birds and animals tend to peck or snap at others, and get really rough and argue over food, I have never seen one snap from any of these birds.

They're never nasty to each other, never bite, peck or jostle, everyone makes room for the others at the bowl without concern, and the biggest gander is such a lovely gentleman!
He watches the safety of all the others, and actually stands back from the food guarding everyone else and waits for his turn last.
He actually showed this instinct even at just a few hours old where if you picked up another gosling for a cuddle he would call until you gave it back.

I was told geese tended to be aggressive but I've never seen such naturally gentle birds!

My only thought is perhaps the ganders will be more likely to be aggressive when they grow up ... any pointers on handling between now and then to avoid that issue? I wouldn't want these lovely gentle ganders to feel they have to turn on me at any point ...
Awww! Enjoy! Handle them a lot now. Get them to come to you for treats. They don't have to turn mean...but hormones do crazy things! To teenagers...and to geese!

And by the way! Welcome to BYC! I got here in October too! I'm just a little, well...wordy...
When your geese become sexually mature your going to see some changes that may be a surprise, one being your ganders are going to become very protective of the females to the point of nipping and charging but it is all very normal behavior.

Once goslings come into the pic both females and ganders will become protective it's just their way they are determined their charges are going to survive and be protected. We have to take this all in stride. I love my geese and have had geese for going on 9yrs but the most trying time with them is during breeding season and raising goslings time, everyone is the enemy. To my Embden gander anyway.

You cannot let them get away with biting and always if you have young children never leave them alone with your geese.
We have a great thread on goose training and if you ever want to read it when they get older just type into the search up top Geese training. It sure helped me alot.

Welcome to BYC!!

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