Wow, my grandma just had 5 seizures in 15 minutes,


9 Years
Oct 22, 2010
Southern Oklahoma
it sure was scary, i dont know much about this stuff, my mom called 911 and they took her to the hospital, it was crazy, she is like 53, and she was just coming over for the weeked, and this happened
i hope she is okay, she has a history of seizures though, and she drinks alot, so i guess it was bound to happen
Gods blessings were there for her being at your house where she can get help quickly!!!

Scarey I'm sure..but I thank God she was somewhere where someone could call for help!!
apparently she doesn't get help very often, she lives with a man who's diabetic, he doesn't walk at all, so she just goes through a seizure and comes out of it, unless someone comes over and finds her, she has lived a rough life, and she still is going through a lot of troublesome times, it is scary to think that happened, she was only at our house for 15 minutes
she lives miles away from us too, so usually neighbors do something, considering her lover won't get a phone and call 911 while he's sitting on their couch and watching tv
Does she take seizure medicine? My DH has epilepsy from a motorcycle wreck he was in 15 years ago. It took 12 years after the accident before he started having seizures. The medicine he is on controls the seizures. If she doesnt take the medicine the seizures could eventually kill her. Hope she gets medicine or they find the right combination of medicines that work to control them. I know first hand how scary a seizure can be. Im really glad you all were with her.

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