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    Mar 8, 2007
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    I've got seven hens and not one rooster. A little over three weeks ago our only bantam, a Mille Fluer D'Uccle starting sitting on eggs, and would not budge. I have tried before to put fertile eggs under her, but she lost interest. I figured we'd try again. We have a friend that has two EE roosters and about 6 EE hens. She gave us a single egg that I promptly placed under our hen. She continued to sit, but then our friend's hens did not lay for two days. So after 3 days I got 3 more eggs and stuck them in also. Our Black Australop then started sitting and it appears as the two hens took turns sitting and sharing the duty. Well, yesterday was 3 weeks to the day, and there were still sitting. After I got home from work, my daughter and I walked back there just to check on things. Well, surprise, surprise, here is the peep we found under her foster mother. We should have 3 more in few days. I hope they wait it out.

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    Jul 30, 2007
    Good work [​IMG] Chickens actually share to sit on eggs? Mine would peck the other chicken if it got near [​IMG]

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