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Mar 20, 2008
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Well yesterday evening while trying to get my girls in the coop for the night, I found something interesting outside the coop.

My girls alerted me to the problem because they were all under the coop raising up a ruckus. Whatever it was...they did not like it.

so, I walk around behind the coop and there is a buff orpington pullet about 8 weeks old. It was storming pretty bad, lightening and thunder and real dark. Poor little girl was trying to get into the safe run but the girls were having none of it even if she found a way in...So I scooped her up and went looking for my neighbor who has BOs.

So, no one was home so the little girl got put in a cardboard box in DD's room with some organic chick starter (which I have for my ducklings) and some water. She was happily enjoying TV and all the attention.

I went back a couple hours later and my neighbor was back and it was indeed his little girl. So, he put her in her run and she just stood there looking at me and DD peeping up a storm. My neighbor asked what we did to her.

I said "Oh nothing much. Got her dried off, gave her food, TV and grapes"

He replied with "Lovely, they will all expect TV down here now"

I wish I had gotten a picture of her because she was so adorable. It made me feel good to catch her and get her safe to go home. It made my neighbor happy to know that no harm would come to his if they did get in my yard.
Aww what a sweet story! I am so glad she made it to a safe place and you spoiled her rotten! Your neighbor is very lucky to have a neighbor like you. Glad she made it home safe!
Can't get the quote thing to work...

Cetawin said:
He replied with "Lovely, they will all expect TV down here now"

This is sooo funny. My kids laughed hysterically. They love the books Click, Clack, Moo and Click, Clack, Quack... I can just see the BO's typing messages and making demands now!


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