Writing!! Cause why not!!


Nov 20, 2020
Hey all! I really enjoy reading through the writing posts here so I thought I could start my own writing contest thread! I really enjoy reading other people's work!
Really I want to make this contest as simple and fun as possible!

For some guidlines, if you want them:
1. Please keep all writing clean and appropriate
2. The target word count is around 400-600 words, but feel free to use more or less! This is for fun!
3. We're going to try to end this contest after Christmas sometime, and I'll post a specific date later, but feel free to ask for more time or post early!

Last but not least here is the prompt!
I have two prompts for you. Whichever you choose is great!

Prompt 1: At your job, you have one task. Every day you go in, sit at your desk, and wait for a red light to turn on. When it does, you push a button. You repeat this proces until the end of your shift. One day, you find out what the button does.

Prompt 2: You're a local healer, a good one, and your people love you. But you do not truly heal wounds, merely transfer them. The people in the valley below know you by a different name.

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