Wrong ducks sent...just figuring it out now 6 weeks later


11 Years
Feb 14, 2008
Hudson Valley/Catskill Mts NY
A friend of mine ordered 15 blue swedish about 6 weeks ago, for his border collie to train herding with. I had seen them at about a week old and they looked like blue swedish, just saw them on friday and they are all standing up right we looked on Welps page and found that they all were blue runners. Do you think he has any type of leg to stand on as far as calling Welp and bring this issue up with them?
I would call. They may give a partial refund or a credit towards future purchases. Many times ducks are just fuzzy and yellow as babies so it can be hard to tell the breed.

Now, as far as the dog training goes...

Runners are often used to train herding dogs. I have a "retired" heard dog training duck. She is a fawn Indian Runner. She is afraid of hr own shadow, but she lays the most awesome eggs

Runners are cute and very entertaining. Definitely call Welp, but don't be bummed out. This could be a good thing in disguise.

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