Wrong place for coop?


12 Years
Dec 27, 2007
I was wondering if anyone knows anything about soil? Where my coop is at, the chickens scratched away the little bit of grass that was there and now it's just dirt. They have had diarrhea problems and I just am wondering if the soil is making them sick? I clean their coop every moring, rake the run every 2 or 3 days & give them clean water daily. Maybe I should move the coop/run?
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If their diarrhea problem is from coccidia (post in the Emergencies etc section to ask about that) then on the one hand it is likely from the soil but on the other hand ALL the soil on your property likely has it, so no point in moving them that I can see.

No matter what you do, they WILL scratch the run down to bare dirt, that is normal and unfortunately more or less unavoidable


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