Wrong temperature... too late?


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8 Years
Oct 27, 2011
I started about 15 eggs on the 10th but I was told the wrong temperature. My incubator has been set between 93 and 95 degrees since then. Is it too late for those eggs or will I be fine just bumping up the temp to 100 now?
I just had this same problem too! I'm anxious to see what you find in a couple days.

In my case, my incubator shot craps. :( Naturally, full of eggs. Yeah for me.
Oh wow thats too bad :( I'm sorry! Ya I'm hoping it turns out ok because this is the last chance I have to incubate eggs for a long time. I leave on Feb 14th for the Air Force and so I really wanted to see some chicks before I leave (Although Idk how much my Mom likes the idea of me leaving 15 chicks with her.)
Your eggs could hatch but may hatch a day or two later. Low temp will cause the hatch to hatch later and high temp will cause an early hatch.

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