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    Apr 3, 2017
    I had a mixed bag of eggs hatch at the weekend, some marans, and some others, that are bantams, but not sure of the breed, as MOH got the egs for me as a surprise, and thought that I would be able to ID once hatched!
    Anyway, one of these bantams has hatched out with what I believe is called wry neck. I have never had this before in any of my other hatches, and am a little stumped! Its head looked as though it was on backwards, facing towards its back end, and could only walk backwards, as thats the only way it could see.
    I have been giving vitamin E supplement since saturday, and yesterday, it was running around perfectly fine, looking like the others in their pen.
    Today, it seems to be stargazing, so I have gone 1 step forward, and two steps back... feeling elated yesterday, as it seemed to be better, and then today, feeling flat!
    It seems to be walking around and eating and drinking fine, with its head in the correct position, but then when it settles it throws its head right back between its shoulders.
    Any advice, should I just continue with the supplement and keep my fingers crossed?
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    Nov 7, 2012
    Continue the vitamin E, you could add the most tiny bit of selenium to the mix, and give her Poultry Nutri-Drench. If the PND has selenium, you could skip giving that to her. I'm guessing that she has a metabolic issue, or perhaps the hens these eggs were collected from were on a less than stellar nutrient program. And I don't say that to put down the egg provider. I say that b/c IMO, standard poultry feed is "less than adequate" for breeders. I always get my birds on a multi vitamin of one sort or an other before collecting hatching eggs.

    BTW: I am in no way qualified to give you advice on how to medically treat wry neck or star gazing!
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