Wry neck or head injury 3rd chick with issues what am I doing wrong???

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    Jul 21, 2010
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    I wrote a few months back about my first silkie chick with wry neck I nursed him for 3 weeks with no improvement and eventually had to cull him. I had another shortly after. I was told to stop feeding the medicated feed and to give extra vitamins which I did to all the silkies. well I have another one and I'm really wondering if it is wry neck. The neck is still twisted so that one eye is up and one is down. I found this one shortly after I think it started, even though her head hasn't been twisted long her eye on the down side is very swollen could this be a head injury instead of a vitamin thing?? I know that I have an aggressive breeding trio in with them ( Dad and Moms ) and see them pecking the younger birds often. Could this be my issue?? How do I stop it, aside from moving the trio ( I don't have any where to move them too but will figure something out if need be ) If it is a head injury can they come out of it? How long do I work with him and when do I throw in the towel (eg if I don't see improvement in 2 days start to think about culling )

    Is this something in the genes of the birds? If these 3 birds hatch out chicks is it going to happen again??

    Please help????

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