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Selena Guerrieri

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Jun 6, 2017
hi- I am fairly new to raising chicks- we initially bought 6 chickens 2 years ago. Inherited 5 Bantams from a school (got ride of 3 because they were roosters- kept a gen and rooster) and last year bought 6 more. This year we bought 6 more but when selecting them, I noticed a baby who had her head back- I took her because I'm a sucker and everyone needs love! After reasearch it seems to us, that she has wry neck. I don't think it seems bad now that she is home. She has her head held correctly most of the time, I see her eat, and drink. When she drinks, she does throw her hard back to swallow. I am trying the vitamin E mixed with Selenium but it's not so easy to give to her. I see it online in powder form but it says for horses. Does anybody know if it can still be used in lower doses? Or where I can buy it in powder form for chickens?
If she takes smaller amounts of water she doesn't always put her head back. I have separated her from the others but she keeps chirping- she is not happy!

Thank you-
I have only treated small chicks with this problem. Usually the vitamin poly V works really well. No iron. Not sure how old your chick is, but you could try giving her some of these vitamins a couple of times a day. Also, wouldn't hurt to give her some electrolytes in her water.
Does wry neck come in different degrees of severity?! You really only see her with "stargazing" if she's drinking water - and large amount at that. I just want to make sure it's wry neck and not something contagious.
Ohh, I am not sure then. Usually a chicken with wry neck will be walking around with the head tilted, or to the side, all of time. Are you sure that she just doesn't like to tip her head waay back to drink..some of my chickens can look pretty funny thinking they need to get that head back to swallow. I'll see if I can find some video of chickens drinking.
Ok, in this video, check out how the rooster takes his..first drink..way back. Maybe your girl .. or boy.. just does it every time..and then her crop is so full she holds her head back. Sorry if I'm not helping. If the chicken is eating and walking around, that's a good sign. :)

Hmm, have to add something about this video..a bit worried about those little ones with such a large pan of water! What?
I'm pretty sure that's not it. She's the only one who does it. I've seen other chicks put head back but not to this degree. When she was in the store it was back and I don't think she was drinking.
Ok, probably is wry. I would try the vitamins. Like I said, I have only had to do it with the real young ones that I just hatched. Good luck to you. :)

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