Wry neck??

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    Sep 15, 2011
    I have a six month old silkie holding her head to one side and walking backwards. Started out minor this morning, seemed to go away completely. Then I noticed it again. I decided to put her inside by herself and the stress of moving her seems to have made it worse. I couldn't even get her to eat inside (she's never been inside my house before). It is a lot warmer inside, so that hopefully is good for her. None of my other chickens are sick and this is my only silkie. She does seem to get picked on a bit by the other chickens. Is this wry neck? Is this likely due to head trauma from being picked on? Could it be from something else? I'm feeling like I want to leave her alone for a little while to let her relax, but of course will check on her to make sure she's eating and drinking.

    What do you think? I've read vitamins can help... right?
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    Poly-v-sol helps. I had a chicken that was walking in circles with his head to one side, and this perked him right up. He's always been a little 'off' but this was more off than he usually is. No harm in trying the vitamins. It's kind of expensive though [​IMG]
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    Mar 2, 2011
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    Had an adult polish roo that this happened to, one day fine the other not. The vitamins didn't really help him but he lived for about a year after that, we called him flip becuse he would flip head over heels when spooked. This just recently happened to a silkie pullet that hatched in early spring. I put her by her self and her head cruled under her chest. Ended up cutting off her top knot fluff because it would get stuck in her eyes. I didn't do the vitamins this time, just left her alone and made sure she ate and drink. Just two days ago I let her back in with her hatch mates, besides for the head being off a bit she looks like the rest. I did mix her chick food with layer and corn when I had her alone, I don't know if that helped or not. It took a few months so be willing to take some time with her and she might come out good. If not you could have a nice house pet. Good luck [​IMG]

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