Wry Neck??


6 Years
Jun 6, 2013
Went out on Friday to check on the chickens and saw one of the you roosters had a strange bend in his neck. We were away over the weekend so I did some research, and I saw wry neck as probable... :(
So is this what it looks like?
He was fine one day and has been with all the other chickens. He was perching at night, and I was thinking he may have fallen from there and injured himself. He is about 3 months old an we have had him at our farm since he was a few day old.
What would proper treatment be? I've seen vitamin e and selenium listed, but how do you does a chicken?
He's still eating and drinking fine, but is looking less engaged. He's a sweetie and I don't want him to suffer or be in pain...


He'll be fine with treatment from
"Poly ViSol" without Iron, it looks like this. Give him a few drops a day until his neck is fine. This stuff is usually found by the medicine or baby isle, or you can ask a pharmacist at a walgreens or walmart.
Here is alink where they give instructions for vitamin treatment (there is also an ad. for Vit. E with selenium which it hard to find):

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