WTB Buff Laced Polish - eggs, chicks, juveniles...open to suggestions

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    Sep 11, 2010
    Someone I know kindly gave me two beautiful frizzled buff-laced Polish roos she hatched from show quality stock as I had a nice looking buff laced hen to breed to. Unfortunately, the hen unexpectedly passed away this week [​IMG] and now I have two lovely boys with no hen. I was hoping to put together a breeding group for next Spring and so I am in need of some hens.

    What I would prefer would be clean-faced buff-laced chicks, preferably pullets. I have been looking to find chicks or hatching eggs, and would be ok with beards and muffs if that is all I can find. Does anyone have any feedback on the quality of chicks/birds ordered from MyPetChicken? Or from Leon Valley Trading Co? I have read that the quality of birds from some of the larger hatcheries is so-so and I have a few feed store Polish with bad toes and crests and combs (that I do not use for breeding) to attest to that.

    I also have a determinedly broody banty cochin who would happily sit eggs for me right now, so I would be interested in possibly purchasing hatching eggs from a breeder – especially if I could find someone with clean-faced, show quality birds.

    Also, I have tried the Polish breeders website and have not had much luck.

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions or know of someone who has the type and color birds/eggs I am looking for.

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