WTB-Cheap egg mix


11 Years
May 12, 2008
Does anyone have a dozen or two hatching eggs from different/mixed breeds they can send me for near shipping cost? My welsummers and olive eggers are on the way, just need one or two dozen more cheapies to fill the bator. Oh, the closer to me, the better, I'm in NC. Thanks!
I have some white leghorns, leghorn x red and black sex link cross, EEs, EE x black sex link cross, and barred rock x buff orpington cross(these are sex linked when they hatch).
I can send you 2 dozen if you want them for $20 shipped. My EE roo is my main roo. Hens are EE, RIR, & EE/Silkie. I also have a BO and BR roo that free range, so could possibly be mixed in there. I can throw in a couple purebred Frizzle Cochins if you want them. PayPal is [email protected]

ETA: Also have some eggs from my Cochin hen with my EE roo.
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Kelly--send whatever you want, I like a good mix...paypal sent.
Calico--I'll hit you up when the bator is empty again ;-)
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