WTB Cycle Hatcher Co., Metal Mother Hatcher/Brooder appr. 1908


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Mar 6, 2007
Watkins Glen, New York
Hi. I collect items related to the Philo Poultry Inst. of Elmira, NY, circa 1910. They had a magazine called The Poultry Review, manufactured coops for raising chicks outdoors, had a poultry school in Elmira and much more. I am looking to find one of their Metal Mothers, made by Cycle Hatcher of Elmira, NY. I would also be interested in any of their magazines, The Poultry Review. We live near Elmira and for years we have driven Lake Rd. to try and find their original location - lo and behold in the family section of our area newspaper was an article on the property all remodeled to a home! Got that problem solved. Also, any info on Archy Turner from Horseheads. I have his pamphlet on bantams from the same era. Thanks. Ginny

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