WTB fertile eggs see inside


11 Years
Dec 26, 2008
Box Springs
Looking for some Marans , some PINK or GREEN ( not blue) EE's and something that lays small white eggs ( lakenvelders , or LF ok)

I'd like to do a package deal if possible- and I do not have alot to spend. I really just want a variety of eggs for the basket
I have easter eggers (pale pink & green) and black copper marans. The only white I have is leghorns.

Please pm me if you are interested and I'll work up a price for you. Thanks and have a blessed day. Nancy
Hi! I also have FBC Marans and EE available (pink, green and sage to olive). Sorry, I do not have any white egg layers, but I do have tinted eggs from Lt Sussex and Wyandottes. I also have some free-roaming EE out with my FBC roos, so their get are probably going to produce olive colored eggs. Should any of these interest you, I would be happy to work with your budget and needs. Please send me a PM. Chirps n Peeps, Carrie
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I have Black Copper Marans as well as Frizzled Easter Eggers, Olive Eggers, and several other breeds. I can ship out most probably on Wed. I have a few order to fill right now.

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