WTB geese hatching eggs

I have adult brown chinese geese for sale, but the laying is practically over for the season...I might have a few white chinese geese eggs if you are interested in those, please pm me. Our geese are usually finished laying no later than Mothers Day and often in the first week of May.... Please pm me ifyou want me to check for the white chinese or if you are close enough to pick up adult geese! Thanks and have a blessed day! Nancy
I have 8-10 Goose eggs. They our out of one of my Toulose Geese. The Gander is probably a Toulouse but could be my Embden. $2 each plus actual shipping.

Let me know if you are interested. My geese are all free range with a small pond to swim in.

Good luck in the Navy and thanks for all you have done to help us have our freedom and critters.


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