WTB- LOTS AND LOTS of duck eggs

There was an auction in the other poultry for sale bit for an Army of ducks...comes with Generals and everything.
pidgey104 has Muscovy eggs,I just got a bunch from her.I think she has some other kinds but not sure.
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I have Cayugas (Holderread stock). There are also 2 white appleyard hens (would be fertilized by a cayuga). $20 plus actual shipping for 12+.
What state are you in? I can send you some eggs from a mixed flock with pekin, Cayuga, Saxony and buff. I've hatched some already this year with 100% fertility. I mailed some out too and the lady never sent payment for shipping (I gave her the eggs for free). : (
I have mixed call duck mutts - a bit larger than calls and look like shrunken ducks. Here is one that I raised with a group of bantam chickens - his name is Peepers and he is bestest buddies with the Bantam RIR rooster pictured with him - they are two years old this month. A dozen for $16.50 - priority shipping included, double boxed - eggs wrapped in tissue, then bubble wrapped and nestled in shredded paper.



The current laying flock - the drake is in the center - picture taken 12.7.10


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