WTB--Partridge Rocks

I have some adults that aren't laying at the moment (molting)..and some laying pullet eggs. Let me know if you don't find some. I will have them soon..I hope..lol!
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Hi, can you tell me the difference between the "Rocks" I have never seen a Partridge Rock but I have White Rocks. Boy are they getting big.

Are all Rocks typically large and is it only the color that differs?
I have literally a "yard full of rocks"...I have Barred, Blue, Black, Splash, Columbian and Partridge "PLYMOUTH ROCKS"

I have a project going to develop a "blue columbian" rock

Here's a good link for pictures


Oh my gosh, those are beautiful birds. Thank you for the pics.

I bought some Dark Cornish to cross with my White Rocks for good meat birds. Do you think that cross will work? I thought the Cornish Roo with the Rock hen. Incubate, grow, eat...

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