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    I would Love a new Roo for my flock, but I just had surgery, and can't get any until I recover in the spring. So, I was wondering if I could reserve a Roo? I have $75 to pay for a new addition, and a list of breeds that I would want:

    A Asil,
    or Ko Shamo,
    Or Houdan,
    Or Jaerhorn,
    Or Orloff,
    Or D'Anver,
    Or Spitzhauben,
    Or Black Shumen- http://www.feathersite.com/Poultry/CGP/Shumenska/BRKShumen.html ,
    Or a Crevecoeur.

    If anyone has any reservable Roos of any of these species, post or PM me!!!
    Must be willing to ship if not in my area.

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