WTB: Silkie Rooster Black, splash, or White in middle TN


10 Years
Sep 22, 2009
Well, it turns out the chick I thought was going to be a roo started laying eggs... WELL! Now that she decided on a gender and so nicely layed an egg right in front of me, I need a roo for my girls. I would prefer for one to be close to middle TN so I can pick up. Would prefer a Black, Splash, Or White. But If you have an extra in another color please let me know. I don't think I would mind any extra colors, just means I need more girls to go with them!
I have 3 black silkie roosters that need a good home. I bought these at an auction in Liberty, KY last fall, and was told they were a cockerel and 2 pullets....boy, did he see me coming!
I paid $30 for the 3, and would like to get that back on them. I'm in south-central KY, about 30 minutes west of Somerset, or 1 1/2 hours east of Bowling Green, right off the Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway.
i am in beechgrove 37018 i am four miles from I-24, 30 mins from shelbyville, and i have a extra silkie roo. he is white and is a year old. i want 10.00 for him. i thought he was a hen until he crowed one day. let me know if your interested. i also have 8 chicks that are 2 months old for 5.00 a piece. but i dont know gender.
I have a pet quality black roo hatched 9/14/09 he talks the talk and would enjoy your girls
We only have a few Silkies and would prefer to put my pullets out with my Cochins just to save on space.He's not cranky but gets upset if his girls screech.$10 and I'm in Middle TN-the Lebanon in Wilson Co (mapquest lists 4
I lost my Silkie hen yesterday..bad bad oppossom Ok however you spell that bad fella so I have no need for this little roo make me an offer and I will let him go real reasonably
If you haven't found anything yet come on down to Summertown, I can probably fix you up with a nice boy.
I have extra pet quality roo's that need a good home right here in Middle TN. Let me know if you still need some! I have splash, white, buff, and black and can post pics if needed.

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