WTB single hatching egg for secret experiment, NM


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Jul 5, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
I'm part of an incubating experiment that can't be talked about on the forum. I'm pretending it's, like, secret government stuff involving aliens. Anyhow, it involves small numbers of viable eggs.

I had one that was doing nicely, but it met an untimely and messy end due to a suitcase. I have to start the experiment over.

Anyone have a couple mutt eggs they're willing to sell for a good cause (and a good laugh?) Contributors will be given the address of a blog where the details of this great and noble experiment are being discussed.

oh I have been looking for that post but have been to busy what happened they got squished? why on earth would that be a secret? I think it was a cool idea, a bit out there but cool none the less.
Do you want to incubate developing embrios and market them to a particular ethnic group for consumption?

Sorry, could not resist.
Never mind the earlier post...You have my curiosity though...Have a blessed day.
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PM me squeaky. I will donate some duck eggs if you cover shipping. (Of course, they do take an extra week, so you might not want to...LOL )

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