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    Apr 13, 2008
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    I'm still collecting and working on my welsummers flock.....I would like to buy young flock - one/two roosters and 5 to 7 hens or something like that number. ALso glad to pick up 3 month olds and older pullets/young cockerels. Prefer not to ship and would like to pick up at your farm/home .....Thanks so much and have a blessed day. Nancy
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    Jun 7, 2010
    Any chance you'll be near Iowa? [​IMG]

    I have...
    -Golden Campine (very active - the most fun to watch)
    -Silver Laced Wyandotte (nice and big, likes to be the first to jump on your lap)
    -Buff Orpington (super sweet and cuddly)
    -Welsummers #3 (curious trio)

    All fed organic feed since they were hatched. There is a possiblity that these may be pullets, but I'm guessing they aren't. All came from McMurray Hatchery on September 1st, except for the
    Welsummers who came from local ET Poultry in Troy Mills.
    They have been held since they were chicks and are very friendly. They are healthy, cold hardy chickens and will be beautiful as adults!

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