Wtd - Poor Gosling With Crooked Beak


12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
Well, #3 gosling (Tuesday) came out with cooked beak poor little thing. It's not too terribly bad but it's like his top bill is far enough shifted off his bottom bill that his little tounge flickers in and out... and you can see it all the time.

In the beginning the goose and gander kinda ignored him and left him outside once and he went off by himself and sat in a corner. I shooed him back into the goosebarn. Seems to be hanging out ok now....

Today is day 3 for him and I think he's learning to pull/eat grass and pick up feed. I can't be for sure. I try to watch him with the others but they move so fast and then gander steps in the way dang it!

I did see him poop this morning - looked like it was all water but he's up running with everyone else full of fire.

I can't get my hands on him to pull him out of there and don't know if I should at this point. If he's eating enough to survive, when will I be able to tell. Yolk lasts 2 days? I believe he's drinking, he mimics the others but doesn't always lift his bill up......

WTD? WTD....... poor little gosling, he's so cute and has such a strong desire to live. What can I do or when should I get him out and see....
I don't think it will be a major problem. Usually, those birds have a completely normal life, as long as you help them to by providing easy access to food and water. There was a duck thread about this yesterday, and many threads about chickens with this. It helps them to have a big, deep bowl of food and water, so they can just scoop it up easily.
Thanks Denninmi! I hope not, we're all pulling for him!

Do they have teeth this early to pull grass he has trouble "sawing" into the grass. I think they're trying to teach him to rip it? I can't see him picking up grit.... he can't "grasp" with it - like if you cut off a chicken's tip of beak.

If he is eating grass and can't pick up grit.... what next bank sand from a soil company? What is the best sand to use for geese anyway?
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If it is crossed that severely at hatch, it will only get worse. I recommend putting it down. Sorry
I'm watching him closely with the binos and he seems to be getting SOME food. I have a chick feeder full of the mazzuri starter crumbles (gosh those are tiny!) and he has learned to shovel into them and pick them up to eat.... I've seen him swallow a blade of grass and actually pick one = uses the side of his mouth but he really has to work at it more that the others. It's like watching one of those "physically challenged" kids who learn to do things with no legs or arms, or whatever. He's trying and I don't see him slipping yet so I guess I won't intervene.

He is smaller than the others - but he was born that way - came out smaller. He's #3.... #4 is a little yellow butterball and #3 LOVES his baby #4. Probably because #1 and #2 are off and running - like two bully older brothers..... figgures.
you know it has a handicap and if your willing to help a little more with this one and it seems to be trying then I'd say go for it, like the poster said having deep bowls of feed and water really helps them to be able to scoop the food. and it will learn to compensate on the other issues like getting grass etc. Wishing you all the best with youer little goosling.
I would just keep watching him closely. If he's making the effort to eat, as it sounds like, he most likely figure out a way to get enough to eat. If it ends up he can't at least you will know you gave him a chance.
Update on BILL (get the name) and I managed to swipe him today for a bit. It's not the first time so he didn't freak.

Doing better with working that crazy bill. He pooped all over the towel while he was calling afor mom and running around so somehting is getting in him - he's 4 days old now. He must be working it - somehow, huh?

Will try to send pic.....
We have a goose with a severely twisted beak, and she is doing fine. She can shovel corn and pellets in provided that we give her a deep container, and can graze on longish grass. I make sure to give her lots of cabbage leaves, but she lays eggs and seems quite happy with life. She is smaller than the other geese because she simply couldn't pack as much food into herself when she was growing.

So I'd give little Bill a chance - he will probably be fine.

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