Wyandotte feathering twisted, sparse and just plain ugly, NOT A MOLT


Apr 17, 2015
Gabby, our Silver-laced Wyandotte, used to be the most beautiful bird of our mixed flock. For the past 8 months or so, her feathers have been slowly looking uglier and uglier. Many are just the main shafts, poking out like knitting needles. :( She also has not laid one egg in all this time.
My daughter thought perhaps parasites and gave her treatment. I must add my other three birds look fine.
My friend, a more seasoned BYC'er, said she may be bullied, but we aren't witnessing this, they free-range in our backyard so we have ample time and opportunity to observe behavior.
This is worrisome as now she can't even fly up to her perch at night. We have to put her there. She stands apart from the other 3, sometimes with her face in a corner. Sure seems she's feeling depressed. Can plucking from other members be THIS BRUTAL and not noticed?
My poor girl.

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