Wyandotte hens not layimg


Oct 20, 2017
Seattle, WA
I have Rhode Island hens that started laying around 23 weeks old.

I have Wynadotte hens that are around 25 weeks old and are not laying. Side note they move the fake eggs all over.
Chickens have started laying BUT
My Wyandottes have been laying for last week but they keep laying in the run, not the nest and it looks like they are purposely burying them. The nest is same level as the roost inside the coop.

I put fake eggs in the nest and they push the eggs out of the coop into the run.

I have Rhode Island’s in a similar coop/run set up and don’t have this problem.
Do the nests have adequately high fronts...(~6")?
Newly laying pullets can get pretty crazy, tearing up the nests, laying all over the place.
Eventually they settle down.

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