Wyandotte in 1st lay - 4 days of no eating/drinking, eyes shut, listless

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    Mar 15, 2013
    I have a Wyandotte (born July). She and her sister 4-5 days a go appeared listless and weren't eating or drinking. We gave them Nurtri-drench for a day or so, no improvement so 2 days a go we isolated them in the pen (back on the roost with the others at night). We re-drenched them and yesterday also gave some yogurt and then later antibiotics in their water dish (product called SuperBoost, vitamin and antibiotic combo). We syringe fed both the antibiotic water. The sister, who wasn't so listless and was pecking a little yesterday, seems back to normal today. The other - no change, just sitting with her eyes closed, not eating or drinking. We just syringe fed her some more water (with antibiotic) and nutri-drench and she was responsive to both, drank it all back. But that's it.

    As for their normal routine, they are a flock of 9 born last July, mostly inside but just beginning to forage outside with the warming weather. They recently (when this started) had a very good dusting with DE (I normally sprinkle it around the coop occasionally, maybe not enough..). The hens are fed commercial layers pellets, with a special mix a couple times a week of pellets with DE, garlic, flax, and a bit of olive oil (to stick it together) and get ACV in their water. They've never been wormed. I'm not certain this bird has been laying for us (the others all came into lay a month or more a go). Checking her vent there is no discharge and no pulsing (other than normal heart rhythm pulsing) to suggest impacted egg.

    Since it was the 2 of them initially I'm thinking it's not an individual issue - crop feels fine as does vent etc. Any thoughts, suggestions on treatment? Her comb isn't pale though certainly not a robust red.

    Am thinking there might be a worm load (or could it be mites? Had a good look when dusting and didn't see lice - I know mites could be in there as are so hard to see) and thinking of treating the flock (only thing I could get at the co-op was piperazine, not familiar with it..). Would there be any issue with introducing this now, and to the whole flock?

    I don't know how many more days of this she can take. I'll continue to syringe feed her water so she's at least not getting too dehydrated but don't know what else to do...

    Thank you for any help!

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