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May 3, 2011
how long do wyandottes take to lay thier first egg roughly? I know that all chickens veries when it come to this so I was just curious. thanks in advance.
I'm not sure about wyandottes but in general it can take a long time for pullets when they first start laying. A couple of mine have been in an egg box for almost 2 hours before they finally layed their egg. It might depend more on the hen herself, not so much the breed.
My Wyandotte's are 20 wks old this week and still waiting.


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One of mine started at 20 weeks the other at 22 weeks. The one at 20 weeks is my egg laying machine! She has not missed 1 single day since she started, and I know this is probably unusual but she lays typically around the same time each morning, around 10am.

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