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Ok tell me if I’m right, I read that a x rock meat birds eats about 2 lbs of feed per day if so then at 8 - 10 weeks old which would be roughly 56 – 98 days old X 2 lbs of feed daily would equal 196 lbs of food per bird at roughly $14.00 a 50lb bag would = $56.00 in feed per bird
That’s a lot of money for one bird 0f 8 lb bird and if you had 25 birds that would cost you $1400.00

Yes or no
Did I figure this out right

Can one bird be worth $56.00 in feed - no matter how good it taste

Correct me if I figure this wrong Please help wife said it really isn’t t worth it after all the work I have to do for the 8-10 weeks 0f raise them
Well, a day old chick to 7 day old chick won't eat 2 lbs a food a day, but a 7 to 8 week old teen chick can eat 2 lbs a day. Think of it this way. Babies don't eat as much per day as adults do.

You can figure though 2 or so lbs of feed per POUND of bird. So if you grew a 8 lb bird, it would eat 16lbs of feed, and dress out to be a 6lb table bird.

So 25 birds x 8 lbs each bird final weight = 200lbs of bird. 200lbs of bird x 2lbs feed per lb bird = 400 lbs feed, or 8 bags, which is at your price $112 for the batch, or about 6 bucks a bird in feed alone.

Now for the questoin of 56 of feed a bird. If that bird is a 40 lb turkey, it was sure worth it. My 40lb toms each cost me $70 in feed.

Now no quoting me at this hour. It's late and I'm about half asleep. LOL

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