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So, I have a white hen who keeps pecking the tops of her wings, just making a nice 'ground chicken' appearance of her wings. Ok, well, I read that blu-kote helps stop pecking, blah blah blah. Now, I have a blue hen. My hands are stained blue, she is stained completely blue, it's a royal mess. Tried to wash it off to no avail, and now she's determined to pick out every feather she has. Right now she's wrapped in a towel to keep her from pecking. Please, give me some ideas as to what to do to help me to help her not pull out every feather she has.
An extra dose of protien might help, cat food, scrambled eggs, yogurt, etc. Is she eating the feathers or just plucking them? If she is eating them, then it could be a protien issue. If she is just plucking them it could be stress, or even possibly going broody, but usually they just pluck from thier chest if it's broodiness. One last consideration, is it possible she is molting? I know not likely, ut just bringing it up. Oh, one other thing to check for is bugs, lice, etc.
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I have a shirt with liberal blue speckles from a flapping hen, it does not wash out.

Did you check for parasites? There must be a reason why she is pecking, and the blu-coat may not correct that.
well, rght now she's plucking out the feathers that are blue...........any ideas about what to do about stopping that for the moment (and yes, i recently added more yummies to her diet to help out w/ the protein issue).
have you checked for mites? how about a hen saddle that may help. also you might get her some Dr. Bachs Rescue Remedy, it's great for stress. what breed of chicken?
Here is something you may want to consider http://www.meyerhatchery.com/productinfo.a5w?session.category=Poultry%20Supplies&grd_prodone_filter=PRODUCT%5fID%20%3d%20%27COP25%27

not the ideal solution, but I have heard these work well keeping chickens from pecking each other, maybe it will keep her from pecking herself. I'm stumped otherwise
I hope someone else can offer a better solution.
That hand cleaner go jo helps remove the purple from your hands,as far as your hen............i have used pine tar ,axle greese,purple,every thing....now i have peepers on them.

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