yall are so good at this! can u sex my 4 week olds?


11 Years
Mar 14, 2008

"kidd" i think its a bantam.


i think barred rock? i dont know. what sex, and breed?
thanks guys
Definitely not barred rock, but I'm not sure on the breeds. The first one has feathered feet... second one could be a male, but you'll need a couple more weeks to be sure. I think ours started to crow-k (sounded like they were being strangled - they croaked!) around 6 weeks.
:Dlol croaked? lol! thanks!
yeah, ur right.. not barred rock.. i have no idea! lol
tracter supply said they could be only buff orpington, barred rock, black austrolp, bantam, rir, blk sex link,ameraucanas...

lol thanks
aww.. i want at least one female bantam! lol.. the other one has much less feathers on feet and not much color..
Well, I know my black australorp is all black, - maybe a black sex linked, then?
As to which the feathered bantam is, I dunno...
sorry... Possibly a cross breed, then?
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The first one cannot be a brahma, wrong comb, however it does look like a cochin, MALE. The second one looks like a black australorp, MALE. Black australorp chicks start out with white on their entire underbelly and that will change when he is completely feathered in.
Ahhh... that would be why I didn't know that.. I only have a BA hen! Although... I have a BA/Light brahma chick that is mostly black with a yellow bum... wondering if it might be male, then?

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