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What kind of chickens are they? Banties fly better than large birds. They'd need a top of some sort or you;d have to clip their wings. Large birds, like Reds or Rocks can fly a little, but four or five feet should keep them in. For a few extra dollars I'd use 6ft welded wire as added insurance.
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My fence is four feet high. I bought a roll of chicken wire and post. I have a post about every 6 feet. You may want to steak down the bottom with plastic or metal tent steaks to keep predators from slipping under and eating your bird's.
I have had all sorts of wild beast digging under the wire to gain access to the inside.
They lucked out and killed three of my Duck's.

Dug a whole and bent the wire and had a 'Duck Buffet" for dinner.
:(That was Before I steaked down the wire. Also, the chickens will slip out from underneath if they are really determined to free range.
Is this your first Chicken family ?
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I haven't gotten the chikens yet but I want an Ester Egger (Medium 6-7 lbs). I also should mention I have a dog (52 lb.). What do I need to do to make sure they keep seperate?
What kind of dog? Some dogs will care less about getting your birds, some live for it. I have German Shorthaired Pointers and they make a living hunting birds.

I have 6ft welded wire fence with the bottoms bent and stuck 4 inches under the soil. Around the bottom I have 24 inches of chicken wire to keep the younger bird's heads inside the fence. That set up keeps my dogs out and the birds in.
I have a mut, Lab/australian shepard. She doesn't pay much attention to my parakeets as long as they are in the cage.

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