Yard spray that is safe for chickens?

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    Aug 18, 2014
    Good Evening!

    I have searched through some threads & maybe I am not looking in the right place for this question. I live in Tennessee & have had my flock for almost 1.5 years. I have had to battle mites during the hot summer months & just recently found them in my storage room. YIKES! They some how got into my house & I am in the process of having everything sprayed, so that is a non issue. My issue is that they are in my backyard & although I have been proactive in keeping my coop clean-for some reason I cannot get rid of the in my backyard. Is there something I can spray organically that will kill them? I heard they done like Epsom salt & might try that, but I figured I would ask the veterans on what to do with this issue.

    BTW: I do have goats & a dog back there too & they have plenty of room to roam & run. Thank you in advance!!!!
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    Anything that kills mites will also kill most other bugs and beneficial critters. Plan to treat the buildings and your birds if they are actually poultry mites. Don't try to sterilize your back yard! Mary

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