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  1. We had 8 chicks that have fully hatched so far! 2 of them are questionable but we waiting to see if they improve! We still have more eggs hatching! Cant wait to see the overal results! 8 so far is pretty good for a first timer!

    I woke up this morning and 1 of my zippers have quit. It had some kind of liquid oozing from the cracks, really nasty. Took it out immediately and tossed it :-(
    We still have 2, that I can see, that are pipped. Not sure how many others but we still have 10 eggs left to pip!
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    Jul 16, 2009
    I hope they all hatch! Good luck!
  3. We had 12 chicks hatched but 2 have died hours after. The one with a crocked neck and one that had a red blob on it's stomache didn't make it. We still have 10 chirping chicks! Only 1 of the blue eggs have hatched and it's dark brown to a black in color. It was getting crowded in the bator and the chicks were only knocking each other into the other eggs that haven't hatched so we quickly, one at a time every 15 minutes, took out 1 chick to put on the broader. We evened out the time length just to keep the humidity at bay.

    11 eggs still to go. Nothing is happening yet but we are still waiting.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Great job. There are usually a few unhappy incidents with hatching.

    You did wonderful. Congrats! Take notes and remember what temp and humidity you used. It is easy to forget how the good hatches came about. And notes are always good for future reference.
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    Did you say you took a chick out? When you open the incubator during hatch -- alot of the times the rest of the eggs will not hatch. This is because the humidity got lost (even for a few moments) and the membrane dried out and got tough.

    Watch the eggs carefully for anymore hatching. If in 5-6 hours you have had no more hatching, then you probably won't.

    Some will still be stuck in the egg alive. You can help them out or not.

    If you help them out, read up on it first because they can die very easily if they bleed.
  7. the 11 remaining eggs have not even piped. Most of them are the blue eggs. When we let them out last night, the humidity didn't drop. We had a cold spell last night that effected the bator BIG TIME! I woke up and found the bator at 90* and 57% humidity. Been trying to get it up ever since. Its now 98* and 69%. Should I leave them alone or candle them?
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    I removed some of my chicks from the incubator yesterday due to bothering the other eggs. Some of the other eggs were pipping and quit for a while but now the chicks are trying to come out again after 24 hrs. so I would just leave the eggs alone for a couple of days and see what happens.
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    i think to bump humidity isn't hard, even when chick hatched, you will notice that evaporation happen quickly and see fog on your bator window, and the humidity? don't ask, it will rise even till 80%, use wet sponge with warm water and you will get more than 70% humidity, better with cloth.

    congrats for the hatch. [​IMG]
  10. Humidity is at 80% now and the temp is up to 101*. 2 water bowls were COLD so I changed the water (they are sitting at the edge of the bator for less opening while checking and adjusting. I put a sweater over the top of the bator for a lil bit. That helped raise it up. Hatching started Friday night. we are down to 9 chicks since one for some reason just died on me, I think cuz of the temp drop in the kitchen, the heat lamp gave out in the middle of the night but I had a regular lamp on as well. I put a small heater near the brooder to warm things up. Now all 9 chicks are curled up in a small toddler bowl sleeping [​IMG]

    Hubby is now at the drawling board designing that cabnet bator. He keeps kicking me off the computer just to do research on what he needs. Doesn't bother to ask me if I already have a research file (sssshhhh) with everything he needs to know [​IMG]

    Now that he fell in love with these chicks, he wants to call the guy up again and ask for another DOZON!

    Hubby gone CHICK ADDICT!

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