Yaye! Worked out how to post pic of my coop build progress!!

Discussion in 'Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance' started by kiwiegg, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. kiwiegg

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    Jul 7, 2009
    I'm so happy. Been trying to post a pic and with help from a fellow BYCer finally have success! What do you think? Do you like the hen weather vane?? I would love to hear any suggestions going forward and I can take constructive criticism - so be honest! The people door wall faces East and the sawhorse wall is south.

    My plan is to have the chicken door coming out of South wall to run. North wall has matching 2 louvred vents with no window and west wall matching vent with no window. I put in the ridge vent to help long term roof health too.

    I need to staple hardware cloth to the cedar trim around the exterior windows and predator proof the gap caused by concrete blocks - does anyone have any ideas how to effectively do this? I cant decide how to orientate the run. I could just make a large rectangle coming out from the sawhorse side but it would be nice to utilize the pine trees/shade too. I have plenty of room for a run - how big would you make it for 16 hens? My 16 Gold Star chicks don"t arrive till next week so I have time - just want to get the run right the first time.

    Thanks for any input or suggestions - this is the time I can change things if needed!

  2. Tweakster

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    Feb 2, 2012
    Garden Ridge, TX
    WOW! [​IMG]

    I luv the weather vane!

    So the pop door will be going out the left side of the coop (did I get my directions right?)? Not installed yet, if I got my directions right.

    I like that one of the windows is on the south side for thermal gain and natural light, especially in the winter with the lower sun angle.

    You might consider digging a small trench below the sill plate, burying the bottom of the mesh in the trench and stapling the top of the mesh to the sill plate. Just a suggestion. The other way would be to brick in the open space with cinder blocks, paving stones, or similar material, your call.

    Lucky chooks!
  3. bj taylor

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    beautiful coop. i love the green & the weather vane. maybe for predator proofing the underside - use a barrier material - concrete blocks/ metal edging whatever about 1 ft out from the coop & surrounding it. fill that space in w/smallish rock or pea gravel. that should keep things like snakes, rats, skunks, etc. from getting underneath.
    i agree w/ you that some shade from the trees would be great for the birds if you can figure out how to configure your run to be convenient for you too.
    one thing i'm running into is needing to introduce new chickens to the flock & needing a space in the run that can be temporarily blocked off when i need someone(s) separated from the rest. since you have the room, maybe consider such a section.
    sure look forward to seeing your completed job. it's beautiful
  4. kiwiegg

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    Jul 7, 2009
    Thank you both for the kind words and feedback! Unfortunately I double posted this and on the other thread someone suggested attaching run on 3 sides...I think ill do that. Re. Predator proofing gap at bottom. Cinder blocks etc a great idea. Would I need to worry about anything digging under the blocks? I'm not worried about an animal getting into thecoop from underneath...if they can get through joists, 1/4 ply, 1/2 ply and linoleum they deserve a chicken dinner. My concern would be gthem getting into run (only in day I guess)

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