YEAH!! FINALLY! First eggs

allison finch

10 Years
Jun 12, 2009
Chapel Hill, NC
My silkie/cochin crosses finally started laying. Their songs are loud and long! On the first day, I found two tiny eggs. Over a couple of days, they have gotten a bit bigger.

The first two in one day, in the nest with plastic eggs;


The second egg


The progression. The top left is the original egg. they proceed along, getting a bit bigger. The last one (bottom left) is a store bought large, for comparison.


I don't notice a lot of difference in taste with store bought eggs. The yolks aren't as orange as I expected. Although they do not free roam, they get lots of treats including high protein treats. Hmmm.......
Great News! I was so Happy and excited when I got my First egg last month. I have since put five in the bator. I also have silkies and one cochin hen. Cannot wait to see if they hatch next week.

Have Fun!
congrats that is so awesome. I am still waiting for my girls to lay first eggs-how old is yours?? Mine are 5 months old now...woo-hooo that little egg is so cute!
My four EE hens are 4+ months old. The silkie/cochins are 5+ months old. I far as I've seen, only the silkie crosses are laying.

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Congrats!! If you can let them free range for just a couple of hours a day-close to roost time always works for me, you'll greatly improve the color and taste of your eggs. Just a thought!
congrats!!!!!! I thought having access to bugs, weeds and grass makes a bit of a difference in yolk color, flavor???? Also the knowledge that you know how your chickens are fed and housed and treated makes it all worthwhile.....

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