Yeah!!! New Chicks!!!


11 Years
Jul 22, 2008
N'rn Wisconsin
Well, I bought a dozen eggs off eBay, which were s'posed to hatch on the 11th. A few days after, with nothing happening, I opened them to find that they hadn't developed at all.

So, to console myself, and to continue the plan of replacing my layers a part at a time, I ordered twelve Red Stars from MyPetChicken.

I waited by the phone early yesterday morning for the call from the local Post Office. Instead, I got one from Wausau, a couple hours south. The box of chicks "didn't make it onto the truck" headed north.

I guess the chicks felt like traveling today, because I got the call, and picked them up a couple hours ago.

I put a couple short videos on YouTube for friends and family...
-- First Drink
-- First Meal
And here's some pictures...

In the delivery box...

In the brooder...

The one closest to the poop in the second picture is already getting wing feathers.
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