Yeah sucessful candling


Apr 17, 2019
Zakythos greece
Got a broody girl her first set didnt hatch they werent fertile, long story short the cockrel (whoes decided to live with us from next field) had only been around for around a week when she'd started brooding
So we put 7 fresh ones under her . I knew they were highly likely to be fertile now plus every egg since i have collected and used have been fertilized (white cell speck inside) candles at 8 days 1 had blood ring so discarded the rest i either wasnt sure or had veins so back under her. Did it again today at 14 days 2 100% could actually see baby moving inside then 2 which could see movement as such but had veins and no ring (hubby was rushing me lol) the last 2 not sure but looked healthy as in not going bad .
Hubby says to leave her to it now do you think hes right?
Im sooooooooo excited now xxx

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