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May 21, 2009
Valparaiso, IN
I just received a pair of midnight black shoulders that are a few months old. Will they be able to breed next year?? I know that year old hens can breed with older males but can year old males be fertile?
oohh fun stuff.. i'm interested in the answer too as i'm about to really get into the breeding... i'm not sure of the ages of my peafowl.. they came with the lease of the property.. lol..
but i know they're breeding.. this info will be good to know for their offspring i keep next year...
Normally, hens do not lay their first eggs until their second year.

A very few do, and quite a lot of people are convinced males are not fertile at a year old, however I know of a person who had a pair of yearlings produce fertile eggs. This is very much the exception so best not expect anything next year from this pair..(if they were born this year)
I don't know about a yearling, but I have a 2 year old purple pair that gave me fertile eggs this year.
Most 2 yr old india will produce chicks. I keep an older peacock 2 or older, with my yearling hens so if they lay, eggs will be fertile.

Guess there maybe a few yearling peacocks fertile,but would be rare.

Rare for 2 yr old pairs of india not to breed.

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