Yearly wood treatment for coop?


7 Years
Apr 9, 2015
We have a wooden chicken coop (douglas fir timber) and want to do an annual clean/ treat/ waterproof. We plan to do a light power wash and then "treat" the wood. I'm looking for a quick drying, non-toxic product. What do you recommend? This is our first year with chickens and we bought our coop last summer, brand-new. Suggestions?
Our douglas fir coop, is a darker wood... and I wasn't thinking of changing the color. Just wanting to "treat" the wood (seal & weather/ water proof it)... probably both inside and outside. If we do this yearly, it should prolong the life of the coop. Just as you would a wood-sided shed or house. However, I don't want something toxic to "my girls," and would need it to be quick drying. Hoping to power wash one day, then let it dry and seal it the next day... a sunny weekend project. Suggestions for a product? The white-wash idea is not what I had in mind, but I'll look into the latex low-VOC primer. Thanks for your feedback!

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