Yellow fluid, empty crop

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11 Years
Apr 21, 2008
North Central Florida
Hi, I just processed one of our Cornish x, other wise healthy appearing except seems to have "stopped" growing, smaller one in the bunch. It was breathing heavier then others, couging and I went about the deed. When I cut open the bung end, a body temp warm fluid flowed out, probably 1-2 cups! No odor, clear, not cloudy, fluid that was free around all the organs. No apparent ruptures to anything, crop and intestine are empty and only a small amount of green (only grainfed) food in gizzard.
Now, I'm no stranger to congestive heart failure but I never opened up a human like I would a chicken!

So, now with that, would you eat the bird? I have skinned, peiced it and lungs were solid and large.
I believe it is ascites (you can find information on some poultry sites). I believe it is a combination of a respiratory and pulmonary conditions. The CX seem to be prone to it due to their weak systems. They will eventually die from heart failure. It is not a disease so commerical birds with this condition probably make it into the food stream.
Thank you very much for your replies! Now, FYI , I called the head honcho of the Poultry Club and he was telling that if you check the color of the liver if you have this fluid, if its not normal chicken colors, such as red,maroon colors, also the color of the lungs, if off color such as yellowish, tan, or blue, do not eat.
The claim is that this liquid can be purilent drainage and the bird would die within 12 hours.

Either way, it was cleaned, washed, rested for a few hours, and cooked...we could not eat it from toughness of the bird! Cutting it with a knife was near impossible.

So, perhaps we should not have eaten it! LOL! (I sincerely appreciate your replies and opinions!!!) Now, I have 23 more to do...I hope they are not as tough.
Don't you have to let it rest for 24 hours to let rigor pass?

Most of them I do, but when I killed this one, eh, we didn't eat it. Most of the birds we have done today are pretty loose. But, I do agree to let them set , the rest of them are in the frigerater at this point.
Oh and BTW, we managed to get 45 lbs skinless boneless breasts, legs, wings, roasters and giblets processed today from 18 birds in 5 weeks. Still have 5 left to do, but they can live a few more days/week.

But that bird last night, none of us liked the flavor, could have been all in our heads! lol.

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