Yellow Quail?!


7 Years
Oct 27, 2012

We've been hatching quail for a few weeks now and all have been the standard brown with black stripes up the back but 2 days ago I opened the incubator to find a little bright yellow guy with faint black lines and again this morning there was another!

We have a few girls that are lighter coloured then the rest but I'm not sure these little ones came from them or not lol.

I've personally never seen it, just wondering if anyone else has?
I'm interested to see what they grow into that's for sure :)

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The adult pic is what some of our females look like. And all of them are jumbos. I thought the other guys were just normal coloured tho LOL. Little do I know apparently haha.

I love these little guys! By far my fave animal on our little farm hehe

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