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Free Ranging
Dec 12, 2020
Jacksonville, FL
Hello, my name is Aaron and I live in North Florida. Have a pet cockatoo so am familiar with birds and attitudes and the thought of chickens was pretty cool. Now lets throw in a pandemic and all the bs that brought about and the thought of having my own eggs w/o having to deal with the mask karens at the store made it sound even better.
I read up on them, watched several videos and well, fast forward 10 months, I have 4 chickie poo's, all doing very well. One was a 1.5 to 2 year old when I got her, laying eggs, the other 3 I want to say 18 weeks old so would be a bit for them yet.
They get to free range a few hours a day generally when I get home from work, or sometimes all day on the weekends I am off, and are very happy that I can tell!
They are pesty, two of them want to follow me around all day wanting me to rub their backs or pick them up and scratch and pet them a bit. (Yah, im real bad at befriending any animal I come across). The cockatoo was not very happy but has learned to share some of his master with his sisters.

Anyways, fast forward, I had a question so here I am.
Will look forward to browsing the categories and stuff he

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