Yikes! No feathers!


9 Years
Oct 14, 2010
So many of our hens have been losing feathers on their backs. At first we thought it might be mites (although we didn't see any-we are new to this) and treated them with medicated powder. Someone else told us that it could be due to our 2 roosters. Or is this just a normal moult? We don't know and we live in Michigan and we are concerned that they will freeze being so feather-sparse on their backs. Is this normal? I have read some posts that make it sound like it is....but we don't want to miss anything! Thanks for any help any of you can give me!!!!

Feather loss mainly on the backs is likely due to your roos. How many roos do you have to how many hens? Too few hens and they will likely continue to suffer from feather loss.
You can look into hen saddles to cover their bare backs until the feathers have had a chance to grow back. Saddles will help keep them warm in the winter ahead too.

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