Yikes! Our pullet got into a fight and has an open wound!

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    May 27, 2008
    Hello, I went out ttto the hen coop/tractor this a.m. and all was great,then I went out now(2 hours later) and one of the gals(8 months old) has an open wound on her back.
    She is acting normal otherwise,so i put her in a cat carrier with her own food/water and now,after the bleeding is over I will dress it...is this a normal behavior among hens? I'm new to this and I'm completley grossed out!
    Also, is it possible they are getting restless? There chicken tractor attached to a tiny coop is in the barn. I really wish I could free range them but I have very persitant barn cats. Also, when people free range,how to they control winter lighting? Thank you for any help you could offer. juice
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    Mar 19, 2007
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    Are you sure the wound is from another hen? Check the wiring on your tractor to see if there are any sharp pieces sticking out. How many do you have in there? Also, she could have had a small wound the the others could have pecked at it, as they will do that.

    Wash the wound with saline solution and keep checking it for infection, I would keep her away from the others til she heals. Hope it turns out OK for you and her. [​IMG] If she seems to be in pain, crush an aspirin in a gallon of water for her.
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