Yikes Something Killed My Sizzles And Bo

Nov 25, 2010
Alright, I'm deeply depressed. I went out to the pen this morning and found two of my young teen BO's dead, and two of my Teen Frizzle Bantams Dead. The rest of the chickens are pretty good size already, and they were fine. What really baffles me is that they looked squashed sorta? One of the frizzles had what looked like a bite on her crop. I am soooo ticked, its hard to imagine. Not only did I just experience the Hatch from hell at the end of February, but now something got my babies. Now I only have one BO left, and one Frizzle Left.
Whats odd....nothing hit the silkie pen. They are both close to each other, and exactly the same pen, but the silkie pen is bigger? The only thing I can think of is maybe a minks or a raccoon (couldn't have been very fat. The only opening where MAYBE something could get in is by the gate latch
I'm sorry for your loss. I thought coons and minks would rip heads off, though. A coon ripped all but one head off in a coop of teen chicks that I foolish thought was secure enough. So your experience sounded a bit more like a tussle with a dog.

About the beat down look. I experienced that recently when a chicken bled and died after laying a HUGE egg that had another shelled egg encased inside her. She was in the coop littered floor probably most of the day while I worked. I found her with another chicken standing on her. She really looked smashed down and probably scratched upon.

Sorry again.
Oh man, that sound horrible too. I have no idea what could've happened. My neighbor says he seem coyotes across the street the other night. But...I'm trying to figure out how they could have gotten into the pen. I can see small enough opening that maybe a mink or coon could get into. I was just sick over the whole thing. I was trying to keep a trio of BO's until they started making eggs, and I was trying to gain some frizzles of my own so that I could hatch some eggs. Even though I have had the most rotten luck this year.

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