Yo, new to this site but not to chickens


6 Years
Heyo. Haha like I said I am new to this site but Ive been around chickens all my life. I actually found this place while trying to answer a question my grandparents had about one of their pro reds eating a bee and swelling up. Well we have a big flock of production reds with some dominickers and other random breeds thrown in. I also have my own little coop/pen behind my shed, well attached to it, that has cochins and silkies that I show with my FFA group. I didn't get to show anything this year because I had a wreck due to the evilest eight legged creatures on this planet. I wound up in the hospitle for quite a while and now six months later just had another surgery to try to fix the rest of me. But hehe this intro wound up pretty long.. haha sorry guess I kinds babbled. But I also have a cat and two dogs, plus alot of woods, about 17 acres of it. Love running in the woods but don't likengetting treed by hogs, or panthers haha. Again sorry for the length I am kinda cooped up and on home bound at the moment so Im going stir crazy haha. :D
Greetings from Kansas, wheelz, and
! Great to have you with us! Happy you are back on your feet, so to speak - best of luck to you and your flock!
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan :D

I have always thought that I would have a terrible accident if I was driving down the road and a Big spider dropped onto me. Hope you recover well.

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